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January 2019 / 3 posts found

VIP Student Aid Policy

by Robin Richardson
Nanaimo By-Election on January 30, 2019 Dr. Robin Richardson, Ph.D. announced the Vancouver Island Party’s policy on student aid. If elected MLA for Nanaimo on January 30, Dr. Richardson will hold the balance of power in the BC Legislature for the next 3 years. As the Nanaimo VIP MLA, Dr. Richardson will demand that the NDP Government designate Vancouver Island University (VIU) to be a pilot project for the following student aid policies: For Vancouver Island University (VIU), free tuition for its students with at least 4 years residency in middle and high school in the Regional District of Nanaimo [...]

The Vancouver Island Party Nanaimo Platform

by Robin Richardson
Former MP Candidate for MLA in Nanaimo By-Election Vancouver Island To Become a New Canadian Province Nanaimo, BC: Former MP, Dr. Robin Richardson, age 76, announced his candidacy today for The Vancouver Island Party (VIP) for MLA for Nanaimo in a provincial by-election expected in January, 2019. Dr. Richardson and his wife, Jacqui, of 52 years, lives in Nanaimo at Resort on the Lake on beautiful Westwood Lake. They also have a home in Victoria. The Vancouver Island Party has a two-fold mission: (1) To benefit more fully Vancouver Island as a region of British Columbia economically, socially, environmentally and [...]

A Guaranteed Annual Income (GAI) is the answer to Homelessness in BC

by Robin Richardson
A Guaranteed Annual Income (GAI) is the answer to Homelessness in B.C. and Vancouver Island, says Vancouver Island Party (VIP) MLA Candidate for Nanaimo, Dr. Robin Richardson “Vancouver Island has a disproportionate number of homeless in B.C. The VanIsle homeless (1,884) represents 24.6% of the B.C. homeless (7,655), whereas VanIsle’s population (about 800,000) is nearly 17% of the population of B.C. Child poverty in BC is also the highest in Canada (1 out of 5), while Greater Victoria is even higher (1 out of 4). Nanaimo may be even worse. I have studied the Guaranteed Annual Income (GAI) answer to [...]