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VIP Highway Signs, Donations & Membership 2017

VIP Highway Signs, Donations & Membership 2017

Until December 31, 2017, a 5-year VIP membership is only $30. As of January 1, 2018, a VIP Membership will be $30 per year. You may become VIP Member at our meeting or by signing up on our website (

Email Newsletter
If you have friends/family/co-workers who would like more information about VIP, they can subscribe their email address on our website ( to receive weekly messages from our Leader and other VIP members on topical issues of the day.

Social Media
You can find out more about VIP events and information:



For now, the existing tax credits for donations still apply. For a $100 donation, the donor gets a $75 tax credit for 2017 tax returns. Donations of $250 or less are anonymous as far as Elections BC reporting is concerned. Any donation of $1,000 or more gets a $500 tax credit. Businesses and unions may still make donations to the VIP before December 31.

You can donate to VIP here

Highway Signs
An example of how you may want to support the VIP for the next provincial election is to sponsor our fund for 4 foot by 8 foot highway signs. You may do so at our meetings, on our website ( or by sending a cheque to our mailing address:

The Vancouver Island Party
PO Box 36064
Victoria, BC V9A 1J5


5 quantity – $213 + tax each + wooden supports
10 quantity – $186 each + tax + wooden supports
70 quantity – $130 each + tax + wooden supports
140 quantity – $115 each + tax + wooden supports

Thank you for your generous support!

Sincerely yours

 Dr. Robin M. Richardson, Ph.D.
The Vancouver Island Party
Toll-free: 1-844-933-4VIP

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