Working Toward a New Canadian Province
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The Vancouver Island Party

Working Toward a New Canadian Province!

Citizens of Vancouver Island, Unite!

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Our Vision

Our beloved Island’s distinct way of life is under threat
from severe climate change, federal and provincial government indifference and economic, environmental and social injustices.

We, our children and our grandchildren want to live in a just society with protection from the ravages of extreme climate warming such as rising sea levels, depleted resources on land and in the sea, and the lack of stable, well paying and long-lasting jobs. We also want improved health care.

There is hope! Politics, but not as usual! Love, respect, reconciliation and trust, not fear! We can enjoy a strong, safe and sustainable economy, a healthy environment and the elimination of poverty before it is too late!

Only The VanIsle Party can offer you this kind of a future. We have a plan with goals and objectives that can deliver on these promises. But we need the citizens of Vancouver Island to share our vision and work together toward its implementation before it is too late!

There is urgency to our message! We need to join together to form a new province of Vancouver Island, equal to a Government for the rest of British Columbia (British Columbia Government) that will join the Canadian Confederation as its eleventh province on favourable, negotiated Provincial Terms of Confederation.

These Provincial Terms of Confederation, the guiding principles and policies of the new Government of Vancouver Island, with the active involvement of its citizens, will provide the future to which we all aspire.


1. To benefit more fully as a region of British Columbia economically, socially, environmentally and culturally.

2. To establish Vancouver Island as a province of Canada as soon as possible.”


The VanIsle Party is centrist in its policies, all of which will benefit Vancouver Island and its residents (“VanIslers”) first. In forming its policies, the Government of Vancouver Island will search the world for affordable best practices in every department of its programs. The VanIsle Party is dedicated to secure the independence of Vancouver Island from the Province of British Columbia and then apply to the Government of Canada for admission to Canada as its eleventh province in the Canadian Confederation on favourable, negotiated Provincial Terms of Confederation.

To strengthen grassroots democracy and democratic institutions...

To demonstrate servant-leadership at all levels of government...

To practice purposeful reconciliation in all governmental relationships...

To promote effective stewardship through “sustainable development” policies that provides economic, environmental and social justice, as well as diversity for all...

To decentralize economic and political power through devolution to regional and municipal governments....

To disentangle the Government of Vancouver Island from British Columbia government programs and crown corporations...

To respect First Nations’ beliefs, customs and history...
Dr. Robin Richardson
Dr. Robin M. Richardson, CPCA, CPC, PhD
Leader, The VanIsle Party

Dr. Robin M. Richardson, PhD, is a distinguished Harvard University – educated economist who has served as Senior Economist for the Toronto Dominion Bank and Chief Economist for a major stockbrokerage company, as well as for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Dr. Richardson is also a former Canadian Member of Parliament and public policy analyst. He is an author, pastor, historian and former college professor.

Dr. Richardson lives in Victoria and at his vacation home in Nanaimo, British Columbia with his wife, Jacqui, of 50-years, and their dog, Daisy. Robin & Jacqui have two children and two grandchildren.

Provincial Terms of Confederation
In seeking to join Canada as its eleventh province, the Government of Vancouver Island would seek to negotiate the following Provincial Terms of Confederation with the Government of Canada

Members of Parliament
The Government of Canada will increase the number of MPs to up to twelve (12) from the current seven (7) ...

Equalization Payments
The Government of Vancouver Island will either contribute to or receive funding from the Government of Canada whether or not it is a “Have” or “Have Not” province ...

The Government of Canada will guarantee up to ten (10) elected and/or appointed Senators for eight (8) year terms ...

Forgiveness of Provincial Debt
The Government of Canada will pay off the Province of Vancouver Island’s share of the BC provincial debt and unfunded liabilities, ...

BC Ferries
Vancouver Island residents, vehicles and trucks carrying freight to or from Vancouver Island will travel for reduced rates (or for free) on both major and minor routes....

The E&N Railway
The VanIsle Party has a vision for the economic development of the Central and North Island. Rail transportation is the key element in fulfilling this vision of the “transportation spine of Vancouver Island”....

Light Rail Transit (LRT) Systems
The Government of Canada will build a Light Rail Transit (LRT) system for the Capital Regional District (CRD) ...

The Haida Gwaii Express
BC Ferries will provide a regular ferry service to Haida Gwaii from Port Hardy for local traffic and a new tourist attraction (“The Haida Gwaii Express”) from Victoria to Haida Gwaii and return....

The Vancouver Island West Corridor
The VanIsle Party supports the development of a West Island road connection to link with the Pacific Maritime Circle Route from Victoria to Port Renfrew to Lake Cowichan to Duncan to Victoria. ...

Military Bases
The Government of Canada will guarantee that there will be no closure of military base at CFB Esquimalt, The Pacific Maritime Command, the 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron at Victoria International Airport and the Royal Canadian Air Force Base at Comox....

Earthquake Protection of Public Buildings
The Government of Canada will pay eighty percent (80%) of the cost of preparing all public buildings - federal, provincial, regional, municipal, colleges, universities, public schools and hospitals – to prevent earthquake

The VanIsle Stewardship Fund
The Government of Vancouver Island will seek fair market value from the Government of Canada of all provincial Crown Lands transferred to First Nations in their treaty negotiations....

The Port Alberi Container Shipment Hub (PATH)
The VanIsle Party supports the Port Alberni Port Authority in their proposed $1.7 billion proposed Port Alberni Container Trans-Shipment Hub (“PATH”)

Remove Free Trade Agreement Opposition to Local Green Project Industrial Growth.
The Government of Canada will use its influence with the World Trade Organization (WTO) to prevent the WTO from challenging green energy programs under its international trade agreements ....

Referendums in Regional Districts of Skeena-Queen Charlotte (Haida Gwaii only), Powell River and the Sunshine Coast
Elections BC will hold referendums to determine whether or not the residents of Haida-Qwaii, the Regional District of Powell River, and/or the Regional District of the Sunshine Coast want to be included in the Province of Vancouver Island.

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