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Code of Conduct

The VanIsle Party (“VIP” or “Party”) Code of Representative Ethical Conduct

Adopted March 19, 2016


The objective of this VIP Code of Representative Ethical Conduct is to establish a standard of ethical conduct consistent with the VIP Constitution and Bylaws for all VIP members seeking public office.


  • “CA”…Constituency Association
  • “Code”…The VIP Code of Representative Ethical Conduct
  • “PC”…Party Council
  • “VIP” or “Party” …The VanIsle Party


The VIP wants to do politics differently. No more dog eat dog politics as usual. No more under the table deals. A British Columbia Legislative Assembly Question Period aimed at reconciliation, not division; courtesy, not rudeness. Always take the high road; never the low.

VIP members seek to be guided by the biblical “Golden Rule” in all matters of inter-personal relationships, especially in the words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount: “Whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them” (Matthew 7:12a; Luke 6:31, New King James Version). Another expression of the Golden Rule is “You shall love your neighbour as yourself”(Leviticus 19:18; Matthew 22:39).

The Golden Rule is found in various versions in most major religions, ancient philosophy (Aristotle) and modern psychology. It is an important ethical rule or principle, especially in a particular situation such as in this VIP Code of Representative Ethical Conduct. It is a simple formula for defusing aggression and creating harmony.

Golden Rule Politics, as advocated by the VIP rejects the Law of Reciprocity. Hateful behaviour toward VIP members and elected officials, never justifies hateful behaviour in return. Jesus taught “to turn the other cheek“ (Matthew 5:39) and “to love your enemies” (Matthew 5:44a). Demonstrate sacrificial love in response to hate since “love never fails” (1 Corinthians 13:8a). If someone wants your coat, give him your jacket as well (Matthew 5:40). If someone asks you to carry something for a mile, carry it for two miles (Matthew 5:41).

The ultimate rejection of reciprocity is also found in the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus said, ”You have heard that it was said, “You shall love your neighbour and hate your enemy.” But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you” (Matthew 5: 43–44).


Besides MLAs, this VIP Code of Representative Ethical Conduct also applies to VIP members who seek elected and/or appointed office in Regional Districts, Municipalities, School Boards, Neighbourhood Associations and other national, provincial and/or regional and local organizations.


Party and Office

5.01 I understand that I have a general duty to act in the interests of the Party and the Office for which I am running and/or to which I am elected or appointed.

5.02 I will act with integrity and professionalism and submit myself to the highest level of scrutiny, including financial disclosure, appropriate to my position.

5.03 I will make decisions fairly, impartially and promptly, considering all available information, legislation, policies and procedures.

5.04 I will maintain a high level of attendance as an elected or appointed official.

5.05 I will respect the confidentiality and privacy of all information as it pertains to individuals and to VIP business matters.

5.06 I will maintain VIP MLA Caucus unity on all votes in the provincial Legislature, except for free votes on matters of conscience.

5.07 l will never allow internal Party difficulties or conflicts with other VIP members to interfere with my ability to undertake my duties as an elected or appointed official.

5.08 Should I be unable to resolve differences or difficulties with another VIP member by talking to that person or persons directly, I will ask for a Mediator to assist in resolving this problem in accordance with the dispute reconciliation process outlined in the VIP Constitution and Bylaws.

Other Representatives

5.09 I will praise and support good ideas and sound policies that will benefit Vancouver Island, first, and the rest of British Columbia, second, regardless of the political party advancing them.

5.10 I will not use insulting, harassing, bullying or otherwise offensive language or behaviour.


5.11 I acknowledge that I have a special duty to my Constituents and will fulfill these duties to the best of my abilities.

5.12 In representing my Constituents, I will demonstrate the values underlying the Guiding Principles of the VanIsle Party.

5.13 In return for provincial legislative support, with or without a balance of power situation, I and the other elected VIP MLA Caucus will request that the Party in power conduct a referendum on Vancouver Island exclusively in its fourteen (14) electoral districts on or before the next provincial election or in municipal elections with the ballot question being. ”Are you in favour of Vancouver Island becoming a province of Canada?” Yes or No.

5.14 Where necessary and/or possible, I will inform and consult with Constituents. I will respond promptly to their requests.


6.01 Each Representative, upon his or her nomination, endorsement or association with the VIP, shall execute and deliver to the VIP Party Council and Constituency Association an Acknowledgment and Understanding of Compliance with the VIP Code of Representative Ethical Conduct as found in the Form attached as “Appendix A.”


7.01 The Party Council (PC) may amend this VIP Code of Representative Ethical Conduct from time to time.



  1. I agree to comply with the VIP Code of Representative Ethical Conduct, as amended from time to time.
  2.  I acknowledge and undertake to submit to the jurisdiction of the VIP Party Council (PC) and/or my Constituency Association (CA), as applicable, in respect of my compliance with the VIP Code of Representative Ethical Conduct and the authority of the PC/CA., as applicable, to make any order thereunder.
  3.  I acknowledge and accept that I may be subject to discipline from the VIP in accordance with its Constitution and Bylaws in respect of any non-compliance by me with the VIP Code of Representative Ethical Conduct.
  4. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, I will also be accountable for any misconduct to the PC and/or CA Committee designated to act on their behalf, the VIP MLA Caucus, and any VanIsle Regional Board, Municipality, School Board, Neighbourhood Association or other national, provincial and/or regional and local organization for which I am appointed or elected.

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