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Vancouver Island Flag

Vancouver Island Flag 700

Vancouver Island Flag

The Vancouver Island Flag

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Although Queen Victoria approved the Vancouver Island’s flag’s creation in 1865 before the forced merger of the ‘sister colonies” in 1866, it is believed the first VI flag was not made until 1988 by Victoria civil servant and amateur vexillologist (flag expert) Michael Halleran after 15 years of part-time research.

Colonial flags were designed to be a blue ensign emblazoned with each colony’s badge as a way of distinguishing them from Royal Navy ships.

The flag’s badge, derived from the Great Seal of the Island colony, features several symbols:

• The trident of Neptune, god of the sea, represents the waters surrounding the Island.
• The caduceus, a winged staff with two snakes, represents commerce.
• The pinecone stands for the Island’s forests.
• The beaver symbolizes the fur trade of the Hudson’s Bay Company.

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