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The VIP Planning & Upcoming Goals

The VIP Planning & Upcoming Goals

Dr. Robin Richardson

Hello VIP Supporters

Here is some up-to-date content on where we are as The Vancouver Island Party and where we are planning, with your help, want to go in the weeks and months ahead.

1. VIP Goals

The immediate goal of The Vancouver Island Party (VIP) is to have 14 candidates for a full Vancouver Island slate of candidates for the next election.

We want to achieve this goal sooner rather than later in view of the minority NDP government situation in BC. The minority federal government of the Right Honourable Joe Clark, PC, MP, lasted only 9 months.

I know this personally since I was a Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) in that government. (Toronto-Beaches, 1979 to 1980).

Stay up to date on VIP news, meet & greets and policies!

2. VIP Legislative Procedures

If the VIP had won only 1 MLA position is the recent election, we would be in the driver’s seat, not the Green Party.

We would have considered each piece of legislation on a case-by-case basis rather than propping up one party over another.

If the legislation was good for Vancouver Island, we would support it. Our motto is “Island First and Proud of It”.

If the legislation was also good for the rest of BC, we would support it. We are not obstructionist.

3. VIP Longer-Term Vision

Longer-term, the VIP motto is “Regional Strength Toward A New Canadian Province.”

The VIP is for addition, not subtraction. Ours is a Vancouver Island independance movement, not separation from Canada, as are the Quebec separatists.

When we become a new province, the rest of BC will also become a new province.

We have many “Provincial Terms of Confederation” listed on our website ( The rest of BC will have its own Provincial Terms of Confederation.

We will be building a base of support in the rest of BC for our proposal.

4. Vancouver Island “Short-Changed” Again In The Recent Provincial Election

Vancouver island has been largely neglected by both federal and provincial governments over the past 150 years since the forced merger of the two original ‘sister’ colonies in 1866.

In the recent provincial election, we were ‘short-changed” once again.

For example, Vancouver Island was promised less than 1% of all the proposed infrastructure, transit and capital spending projects of universities and colleges over the next three years.

Vancouver Island has 16.3% of the population of British Columbia. Why do we get less than 1% of these proposed expenditures?

This deporable situation has to stop!

5. Commentary on the New NDP Provincial Government

The VIP is heartened that the leaders of both the NDP and the Green parties are from Vancouver Island. We support many of their policies such as pilot project for a guaranteed annual income to eliminate poverty, proportional voting, election financing reform and many others.

We support the new government’s goal to upgrade and perhaps extend the E&N Railway.

We urge that they will also implement a Light Rail Transit (LRT) system for Greater Victoria.

We are disappointed that they do not support our floating bridge proposal from near Mill Bay to the Saanich Peninsula (we call it the “Malahat By-Pass Project”). It would save many lives and injuries.

We urge them to reconsider this project. It would also stop a proposed LNG plant in the Saanich Inlet.

6. The Way Ahead

We will be pressing the NDP government to adopt the numerous other infrastructure proposals on our website ( before the next election.

We will also continue to advocate free tuition for college and university students with residency of at least 4 years (middle school and high school), decent marks and from families of $90,000 family income or lower.

Last year (2016), the Government of New Brunswick adopted this plan with a family income cut-off of $60,000 or less income.

If New Brunswick can do it, why not BC? Write a letter to NDP Premier John Horgan to recommend this VIP proposal.

7. A Call For Qualified Candidates

If any of your know of someone who may want to represent the VIP in any of the 14 ridings on the Island, please have them get in touch with me as soon as possible.

The procedures for becoming a VIP candidate are listed under Governance on our VIP website (

Sincerely yours

 Dr. Robin M. Richardson, Ph.D.
The Vancouver Island Party
Toll-free: 1-844-933-4VIP

You may also want to join the VIP, make a donation and/or purchase polo shirts, caps, mugs, buttons and flags from the VIP Store.

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