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Jin Yang-Riley VIP Candidate Oak Bay Gordon Head Offers Helpful Suggestions

Jin Yang-Riley VIP Candidate Oak Bay Gordon Head Offers Helpful Suggestions

Jin Yang-Riley Oak Bay-Gordon Head Candidate

The following was sent to me from Jin Yang-Riley, our VIP Candidate Oak Bay-Gordon Head:

To All VIP Candidates

From my signature-collecting experience, I learned that most people I talked to did not really care about whether Vancouver Island becomes a province. Therefore, I came up with a suggestion, in terms of our strategies on how to attract people and get their support:

1. At this current stage, instead of emphasizing on “making Vancouver Island the 11th province” we should emphasize that The VIP is the only party who will strive for more direct benefits and attention for the residents of Vancouver Island.

2. On each promotion event and the website, we put the following information upfront:

a. In the history of British Columbia, no matter which political party was in power in BC, the major attention and support always went to the Lower Mainland and the Interior, and Vancouver Island was always treated like a secondary region, a “little sister” like people said in the VIP rallies.

b. Vancouver Island has “grown up” and the people deserve to be treated fairly.

c. It is time for the Islanders to control their own destiny.

d. Vote VIP and give the VIP opportunities to speak out for the residents of Vancouver Island.

e. The VIP has no conflict with other political parties, but wants to strive for a better quality of life.

f. The Island has space for more infrastructure development to promote the economy’s growth without conflicting the environmental protection and resource sustainability.

I hope this suggestion will be helpful. My wish is the people of the Island would support us. Our only enemy is complacency. We need to get the people to open their eyes to change for the better now and in the future.


Jin Yang-Riley, Transportation Engineer
VIP Candidate Oak Bay – Gordon Head.

Congratulations, Jin. You are showing tremendous team spirit with your helpful suggestions. VIP candidates helping each other for ultimate victory is very commendable. We are building a winning team and I am very pleased with you.


Dr. Robin M. Richardson, Ph.D.
The Vancouver Island Party

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