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VIP 2018 Party Council Meetings

Please record the following dates for VIP Party Council monthly meetings for 2018. We have moved to bi-monthly Thursday evening meetings in Victoria and Saturday in Nanaimo for member convenience and in order to increase attendance.. Everyone who supports the VIP is welcome to attend. This year, we will repeat the Agenda in both Victoria and Nanaimo sequential meetings. Victoria supporters need not attend the next Nanaimo meeting unless they wish to. Likewise, UpIsland supporters need not attend the next Victoria meeting unless they wish to. Victoria VIP supporters may have relatives or friends living north of the Malahat that [...]

VIP Party Council Plus 2017 Meetings

by Robin Richardson
SPECIAL INVITATION! As a VIP supporter, you are invited to attend any or all of the monthly meetings of our VIP Party Council. We welcome your participation as we build a winning team for the next election. We alternate between Victoria and Nanaimo locations. In 2018, we will hold monthly meetings in both Victoria and Nanaimo. These will be in the second and fourth weeks, and may be on Wednesday evenings instead of Saturdays. If anyone wishes to be a VIP candidate or knows of someone who would like to be one, please get in touch with me as soon [...]

The VIP Planning & Upcoming Goals

Hello VIP Supporters Here is some up-to-date content on where we are as The Vancouver Island Party and where we are planning, with your help, want to go in the weeks and months ahead. 1. VIP Goals The immediate goal of The Vancouver Island Party (VIP) is to have 14 candidates for a full Vancouver Island slate of candidates for the next election. We want to achieve this goal sooner rather than later in view of the minority NDP government situation in BC. The minority federal government of the Right Honourable Joe Clark, PC, MP, lasted only 9 months. I [...]

Jin Yang-Riley VIP Candidate Oak Bay Gordon Head Offers Helpful Suggestions

by Robin Richardson
The following was sent to me from Jin Yang-Riley, our VIP Candidate Oak Bay-Gordon Head: To All VIP Candidates From my signature-collecting experience, I learned that most people I talked to did not really care about whether Vancouver Island becomes a province. Therefore, I came up with a suggestion, in terms of our strategies on how to attract people and get their support: 1. At this current stage, instead of emphasizing on “making Vancouver Island the 11th province” we should emphasize that The VIP is the only party who will strive for more direct benefits and attention for the residents [...]