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If elected, Nanaimo MLA hopeful wants Vancouver Island to split off BC

Source: News 1130 Author: LAUREN BOOTHBY NANAIMO (NEWS 1130) — A candidate for MLA in Nanaimo wants Vancouver Island to become Canada’s 11th province. Robin Richardson, economist and former Ontario MP, thinks the region would be better off as an independent province and if his vision comes true, he would call it the VanIsle Province. “No matter how you look at it, whether you know, fiscally we’d be better off, economically, socially, environmentally and culturally better off as our own independent province,” Richardson tells NEWS 1130. If elected, he says he will push for the government to hold referendum so [...]

Nanaimo Campaign Team Kick-Off Friday Night Meetings

by Robin Richardson
Please join our VIP Leader Robin Richardson and others for a Campaign Kick-Off Meeting tomorrow evening in Nanaimo. There will be Campaign Team Meetings at the ABC Country Restaurant on the following Friday evenings: 2018 Meetings November 30, 2018 December 7, 2018 December 14, 2018 December 28, 2018 - cancelled 2019 Tuesday Meetings Meetings in 2019 have been changed to Tuesdays! Tuesday January 4, 2019 - cancelled Tuesday January 8, 2019 Tuesday January 15, 2019 Tuesday January 22, 2019 Tuesday January 29, 2019 Robin is the VIP MLA Candidate for Nanaimo in a by-election expected in January, 2019. If he [...]

Nanaimo candidate wants Vancouver Island to separate from BC

Source: The Province Author: Susan Lazaruk A political party with a strong populist leader appealing to regional interests will likely not benefit from proportional representation as the leader of the Vancouver Island Party is hoping. The first thing the leader of the Vancouver Island Party promises to do if he wins the provincial byelection in Nanaimo in the new year is work toward making Vancouver Island its own province. Canada’s 11th province would be called VanIsle and as such would get its fair share of public money from Ottawa, said Robin Richardson, a Harvard-trained economist, minutes before officially launching his [...]

VIP Members Letter Aug 7, 2018

Dear VIP Member and Supporter, I am seeking your support in prayer, networking, volunteering and donations as I seek elected office in a provincial MLA by-election in Nanaimo to be announced after the October 20 municipal election when NDP MLA Leonard Krog is expected to be elected Mayor of Nanaimo. I am a former Canadian Member of Parliament, economist, financial planner and community activist. I. A Unique Opportunity There is a unique opportunity to elect me as the VIP MLA for Nanaimo. This will be a hotly fought by-election. Should I win, the 87 BC Legislature standings would be: 43 [...]

The Solution To The Oil Trade War

by Robin Richardson
Let's Import More Refined Oil from Washington State and Build New Oil Refineries In British Columbia Re: "Alberta's move to cut energy will hit more than B.C. fuel" Dan Healing, The Canadian Press, April 18, 2018, page B1. Victoria, April 18, 2018. The answer to the current and, perhaps, future continuing impasse between British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan lies in two directions: (1) short-term; import more refined oil from Washington State and, (2) longer-term; build more refinery capacity in Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and, perhaps, elsewhere in British Columbia. Import More Refined Oil From Washington State Right now, there is [...]

A New Voting System For British Columbia

The Vancouver Isand Party recently posted its recommendation for a Mixed Member System (MMS) of voting for the October 2018 referendum on the Government website. Your comments are most apppreciated. Dr. Robin M. Richardson, Ph.D. Leader The Vancouver Island Party “A New Voting System For British Columbia: Let The BC Regions Matter” by Robin Richardson and Alex Greer, The Vancouver Island Party February 10, 2018 The Vancouver Island Party (VIP), in proposing a mixed First Past The Post (FPTP) and Proportional Representative (PR) system of voting called the Mixed Member Seat (MMS) system for the October 2018 referendum, strongly recommends [...]

The VIP Planning & Upcoming Goals

Hello VIP Supporters Here is some up-to-date content on where we are as The Vancouver Island Party and where we are planning, with your help, want to go in the weeks and months ahead. 1. VIP Goals The immediate goal of The Vancouver Island Party (VIP) is to have 14 candidates for a full Vancouver Island slate of candidates for the next election. We want to achieve this goal sooner rather than later in view of the minority NDP government situation in BC. The minority federal government of the Right Honourable Joe Clark, PC, MP, lasted only 9 months. I [...]
VIP’s Student Aid

The VIP’s Student Aid Policy Reform

Today, Dr. Robin Richardson, Leader of The Vancouver Island Party (VIP), announced his Party’s progressive policy for free tuition and reduced student debt for students in Vancouver Island colleges and universities, once Vancouver Island becomes the eleventh province of Canada. “We are promising this student aid policy reform so that university and college tuition will be free for many VanIsle families. Also we want to reduce onerous student debt burdens”, said Dr. Richardson, a former college professor. “As VanIslers, this is what we do; we help those who most need it.” A Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce poll shows Canadian [...]
BC Provincial Party Leaders

The Vancouver Island Party Makes An Impact

by Robin Richardson
The Vancouver Island Party (VIP) is pleased that B.C. Liberal Premier Christy Clark, after years of neglect, is launching, for the first time ever, a Vancouver Island - specific platform for the May 9, 2017 provincial election. B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan is also stressing Vancouver Island in his party’s platform. The Vancouver Island Party claims credit for the other parties’ new focus on Vancouver Island and invites them, as well as the BC Green and the BC Conservative parties, to adopt any or all of our comprehensive policy platform proposals for Vancouver Island. After all, when the voters of [...]

Vancouver Island to Become a New Province

New Regional Provincial Political Party Formed Vancouver Island To Become a New Canadian Province Victoria, BC: The Vancouver Island Party (“VanIsle Party” or “Party” for short) has been formed for the May 9, 2017 provincial election with a two-fold mission: To benefit more fully Vancouver Island as a region of British Columbia economically, socially, environmentally and culturally, and To establish Vancouver Island as a province of Canada as soon as possible. Party Leader, Dr. Robin M. Richardson, PhD, a Harvard University-educated business economist and former Canadian Member of Parliament (Progressive Conservative, Toronto-Beaches, 1979-80), stated, ”Our beloved Island’s distinct way of [...]