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VIP Membership Renewal 2019

by Robin Richardson
Dear VIP Supporter, Would you please go to the Membership Renewal page on our VIP website,, and renew your VIP Membership. It is only an annual $5.00 and is open to anyone from age 13 and older. If you are in a Special Situation, such as unemployed, on social assistance, disabled etc., the annual membership is only $1.00. Please confirm your contact and receipt information is correct and enter a custom donation amount (of which $1 or $5 of the amount will be put towards your annual membership). You may also want to make a donation before Dec. 31 [...]

VIP 2018 Party Council Meetings

Please record the following dates for VIP Party Council monthly meetings for 2018. We have moved to bi-monthly Thursday evening meetings in Victoria and Saturday in Nanaimo for member convenience and in order to increase attendance.. Everyone who supports the VIP is welcome to attend. This year, we will repeat the Agenda in both Victoria and Nanaimo sequential meetings. Victoria supporters need not attend the next Nanaimo meeting unless they wish to. Likewise, UpIsland supporters need not attend the next Victoria meeting unless they wish to. Victoria VIP supporters may have relatives or friends living north of the Malahat that [...]

VIP Highway Signs, Donations & Membership

by Robin Richardson
Membership A VIP annual membership is only $5.00. The maximum annual personal donation is $1,200. Donations of $250.00 or less are anonymous as far as Elections BC reporting requirements are concerned. Businesses and unions can no longer make donations.. You may become VIP Member at our meeting or by signing up on our website ( Email Newsletter If you have friends/family/co-workers who would like more information about VIP, they can subscribe their email address on our website ( to receive weekly messages from our Leader and other VIP members on topical issues of the day. Social Media You can find [...]