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September 2017 / 3 posts found

The Vancouver Island Party (VIP) and other Small Political Parties Oppose The Proposed NDP Government Taxpayer Subsidy For Election Financing Reform

by Robin Richardson
The Vancouver Island Party endorses the initiative of other smaller provincial political parties in objecting to the proposed taxpayer subsidy which will only benefit the larger parties. It is discriminatory, anti-democratic and a complete waste of taxpayer money. This NDP subsidy should be dropped from the proposed electoral financing legislation. Print the whole letter, including endorsements and copies to party leaders. Word Document PDF Document Thank you Robin Dr. Robin M. Richardson, Ph.D. Leader The Vancouver Island Party Toll-free: 1-844-933-4VIP

VIP Advocates Free Tuition for College and University Students

by Robin Richardson
The Vancouver Island Party (VIP) commends the new NDP BC Government for waiving BC college and university fees for former foster children. This new program will waive tuition at all 25 post-secondary schools for any young person from BC who has spent at least two years in provincial foster care. The Vancouver Island Party wants this free tuition policy to be extended to all students with at least 4 year residency ( middle and high school), decent marks and from families with $90,000 or less annual family income. The policy would not apply for foreign students or students from out [...]

VIP Party Council Plus 2017 Meetings

by Robin Richardson
SPECIAL INVITATION! As a VIP supporter, you are invited to attend any or all of the monthly meetings of our VIP Party Council. We welcome your participation as we build a winning team for the next election. We alternate between Victoria and Nanaimo locations. In 2018, we will hold monthly meetings in both Victoria and Nanaimo. These will be in the second and fourth weeks, and may be on Wednesday evenings instead of Saturdays. If anyone wishes to be a VIP candidate or knows of someone who would like to be one, please get in touch with me as soon [...]