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Nanaimo byelection candidate wants to see Vancouver Island separate from BC

Author: Nicolas Pescod A politician hoping to separate Vancouver Island from British Columbia wants to be Nanaimo’s MLA. Robin Richardson, the founder and leader of the Vancouver Island Party, announced that he will be a candidate in the upcoming byelection in Nanaimo. Nanaimo’s riding will be vacated by MLA Leonard Krog, who is now the mayor of Nanaimo. The B.C. Liberals have announced Tony Harris as their intended candidate in the byelection, while Sheila Malcolmson, Nanaimo-Ladysmith’s current MP, is seeking the NDP’s nomination. Speaking to the News Bulletin on Wednesday, Richardson said his party’s platform is to see Vancouver Island [...]

Special VIP Meeting Langford Legion September 11, 2018

by Robin Richardson
ATTENTION VIP SUPPORTERS Please attend an important meeting from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Tuesday, September 11 at the Langford Legion, 761 Station Avenue. Royal Canadian Legion (Langford Branch) 761 Station Avenue Victoria, BC V9B 2S1 View a Google Map After a PowerPoint presentation on The Vancouver Island Party, our VIP Leader, Dr. Robin Richardson, will present important information on: 1. Robin’s campaign to get elected VIP MLA for Nanaimo in a by-election expected in January or February 2019. This is a unique opportunity. If Robin gets elected, the provincial MLA seat count would be: a. NDP/Green Coalition = [...]

VIP Members Letter Aug 7, 2018

Dear VIP Member and Supporter, I am seeking your support in prayer, networking, volunteering and donations as I seek elected office in a provincial MLA by-election in Nanaimo to be announced after the October 20 municipal election when NDP MLA Leonard Krog is expected to be elected Mayor of Nanaimo. I am a former Canadian Member of Parliament, economist, financial planner and community activist. I. A Unique Opportunity There is a unique opportunity to elect me as the VIP MLA for Nanaimo. This will be a hotly fought by-election. Should I win, the 87 BC Legislature standings would be: 43 [...]

A New Voting System For British Columbia

The Vancouver Isand Party recently posted its recommendation for a Mixed Member System (MMS) of voting for the October 2018 referendum on the Government website. Your comments are most apppreciated. Dr. Robin M. Richardson, Ph.D. Leader The Vancouver Island Party “A New Voting System For British Columbia: Let The BC Regions Matter” by Robin Richardson and Alex Greer, The Vancouver Island Party February 10, 2018 The Vancouver Island Party (VIP), in proposing a mixed First Past The Post (FPTP) and Proportional Representative (PR) system of voting called the Mixed Member Seat (MMS) system for the October 2018 referendum, strongly recommends [...]

VIP Advocates Free Tuition for College and University Students

by Robin Richardson
The Vancouver Island Party (VIP) commends the new NDP BC Government for waiving BC college and university fees for former foster children. This new program will waive tuition at all 25 post-secondary schools for any young person from BC who has spent at least two years in provincial foster care. The Vancouver Island Party wants this free tuition policy to be extended to all students with at least 4 year residency ( middle and high school), decent marks and from families with $90,000 or less annual family income. The policy would not apply for foreign students or students from out [...]

The VIP Planning & Upcoming Goals

Hello VIP Supporters Here is some up-to-date content on where we are as The Vancouver Island Party and where we are planning, with your help, want to go in the weeks and months ahead. 1. VIP Goals The immediate goal of The Vancouver Island Party (VIP) is to have 14 candidates for a full Vancouver Island slate of candidates for the next election. We want to achieve this goal sooner rather than later in view of the minority NDP government situation in BC. The minority federal government of the Right Honourable Joe Clark, PC, MP, lasted only 9 months. I [...]

The Vancouver Island Party Advocates A Guaranteed Annual Income for British Columbia

by Robin Richardson
Poverty is costing British Columbia in so many hidden ways. Increased medical, criminal, judicial, penal, and addiction costs. The high poverty rate also affects children directly compounding their futures with insurmountable hurdles. The current welfare rate is unacceptable. The Vancouver Island Party is advocating a guaranteed annual income. This Income, which people could apply for, would be indexed to inflation, location and cost of living. It would help senior citizens to improve their living conditions. British Columbia is one of highest in the country for child poverty and the island is one of the worst in the province. This would [...]

Vancouver Island is Short-Changed $766.8 million by the BC Liberals

by Robin Richardson
Victoria, BC, April 12, 2017. For Immediate Release. "The BC Liberals 'first time ever' Vancouver Island platform continues the pattern of provincial governments largely ignoring Vancouver Island since BC joined Confederation in 1871," says Dr. Robin Richardson, Leader of The Vancouver Island Party. "Unfortunately, we still remain a neglected 'fringe region' within British Columbia." "With Vancouver Island representing 16.3% of the population of British Columbia, Vancouver Island is only being promised $66.8 million, or 0.15% of the $5.217 billion of infrastructure, transit and post-secondary capital spending promised for BC over the next three years to 2020." observed Dr. Richardson, a [...]

Saanich candidate touts Island province

by Robin Richardson
A Saanich man hopes to use the provincial election as a stepping stone towards turning Vancouver Island into its own province. Richard Pattee, current manager and director of Saanich Search and Rescue, announced last week that he will be running in Saanich South under the banner of the Vancouver Island Party (VIP). The party officially pursues two goals. Its immediate goal is to make Vancouver Island a “stronger region” in British Columbia, said leader Robin Richardson. “Longer term, we aim to become the 11th province of Canada,” he said. As of this writing, Pattee is one of the nine candidates [...]
VIP’s Student Aid

The VIP’s Student Aid Policy Reform

Today, Dr. Robin Richardson, Leader of The Vancouver Island Party (VIP), announced his Party’s progressive policy for free tuition and reduced student debt for students in Vancouver Island colleges and universities, once Vancouver Island becomes the eleventh province of Canada. “We are promising this student aid policy reform so that university and college tuition will be free for many VanIsle families. Also we want to reduce onerous student debt burdens”, said Dr. Richardson, a former college professor. “As VanIslers, this is what we do; we help those who most need it.” A Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce poll shows Canadian [...]