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The Vancouver Island Party Advocates A Guaranteed Annual Income for British Columbia

by Rob
Poverty is costing British Columbia in so many hidden ways. Increased medical, criminal, judicial, penal, and addiction costs. The high poverty rate also affects children directly compounding their futures with insurmountable hurdles. The current welfare rate is unacceptable. The Vancouver Island Party is advocating a guaranteed annual income. This Income, which people could apply for, would be indexed to inflation, location and cost of living. It would help senior citizens to improve their living conditions. British Columbia is one of highest in the country for child poverty and the island is one of the worst in the province. This would [...]

Dr Robin Richardson answers How will you address the issue of high housing prices

by Rob
Dr Robin Richardson answers “How will you address the issue of high housing prices and how will you make sure that kids of my generation will be able to afford housing in the future?" (École Cedardale Elementary, West Vancouver)

Dr Robin Richardson answers What improvements will you make to the current education system?

by Rob
Dr Robin Richardson answers “What improvements will you make to the current education system?” (Seaquam Secondary, Delta)

Dr Robin Richardson answers How will your party balance the ecological and economical needs of our province

by Rob
Dr Robin Richardson answers “How will your party strike balance between the crucial ecological and economical needs of our province?” (Westsyde Secondary School, Kamloops)

Dr Robin Richardson answers What will be your #1 priority if you are elected?

by Rob
Dr Robin Richardson answers “What will be your #1 priority if you are elected? What will be the first action you would take as premier?” (Hart Highlands Elementary, Prince George)

The Vancouver Island Party’s Policy On Early Childhood Education

by Rob
The most important period of development for any person is early childhood. The careful nurturing, educating, and caring of young children sets them up for a productive and healthy life. Conversely, abuse and neglect, all too often seen in our society and around the world, lessen the young person's long term chances at success. It increases the likelihood of future disorders, exacerbates those that are already present, and often results in homelessness and crime, burdens, which the province and the country as a whole have to bear. Our best option for countering this is prevention in the first place; and [...]

Oak Bay-Gordon Head Candidate Debate with Jin Yang-Riley April 13, 2017

by Rob
Please watch the video below of the Oak Bay-Gordon Head Candidate Debate by CFAX 1070 with Ryan Price. Skip ahead to the 7 minute mark to watch the debate.

Vancouver Island is Short-Changed $766.8 million by the BC Liberals

by Robin Richardson
Victoria, BC, April 12, 2017. For Immediate Release. "The BC Liberals 'first time ever' Vancouver Island platform continues the pattern of provincial governments largely ignoring Vancouver Island since BC joined Confederation in 1871," says Dr. Robin Richardson, Leader of The Vancouver Island Party. "Unfortunately, we still remain a neglected 'fringe region' within British Columbia." "With Vancouver Island representing 16.3% of the population of British Columbia, Vancouver Island is only being promised $66.8 million, or 0.15% of the $5.217 billion of infrastructure, transit and post-secondary capital spending promised for BC over the next three years to 2020." observed Dr. Richardson, a [...]

Saanich candidate touts Island province

by Robin Richardson
A Saanich man hopes to use the provincial election as a stepping stone towards turning Vancouver Island into its own province. Richard Pattee, current manager and director of Saanich Search and Rescue, announced last week that he will be running in Saanich South under the banner of the Vancouver Island Party (VIP). The party officially pursues two goals. Its immediate goal is to make Vancouver Island a “stronger region” in British Columbia, said leader Robin Richardson. “Longer term, we aim to become the 11th province of Canada,” he said. As of this writing, Pattee is one of the nine candidates [...]

Leader & Candidate Meet & Greet April 8, 2017 in Victoria BC

by Robin Richardson
Vancouver Island Party (VIP) Meet and Greet Come on out and meet and greet the Vancouver Island Party (VIP) Leader, Dr. Robin Richardson, Ph.D. and our VIP Candidates. If you are interested in becoming a VIP candidate, please bring your resume to the event. Please RSVP using the form below to reserve seating. Event Details Date: Saturday April 8, 2017 Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm Location: Comfort Inn & Suites in The Topaz Room Address: 3020 Blanshard Street Victoria, BC V8T 5C7 (click here for directions) Light refreshments will be provided. (coffee, tea, water and cookies) RSVP to this Event * indicates required [...]