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Invitation to VIP Strategy Meetings 2019

by Robin Richardson
INVITATION You are invited to our monthly STRATEGY meeting of the Vancouver Island Party (VIP) to participate in the preparation of plans getting ready for the next provincial election, now expected in October, 2021. Come and hear VIP Party Leader Dr. Robin Richardson give a report on the January Nanaimo MLA by-election and participate in discussion of the following topics: 1. Organization 2. Policy 3. Messaging 4. Social Media 5. Fundraising 6. Candidate Recruitment May Meeting Our meeting is on Saturday, May 25, 2019 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at the new Quality Foods Upstairs boardroom, 110 – 27 [...]

VIP Student Aid Policy

by Robin Richardson
Nanaimo By-Election on January 30, 2019 Dr. Robin Richardson, Ph.D. announced the Vancouver Island Party’s policy on student aid. If elected MLA for Nanaimo on January 30, Dr. Richardson will hold the balance of power in the BC Legislature for the next 3 years. As the Nanaimo VIP MLA, Dr. Richardson will demand that the NDP Government designate Vancouver Island University (VIU) to be a pilot project for the following student aid policies: For Vancouver Island University (VIU), free tuition for its students with at least 4 years residency in middle and high school in the Regional District of Nanaimo [...]

The Vancouver Island Party Nanaimo Platform

by Robin Richardson
Former MP Candidate for MLA in Nanaimo By-Election Vancouver Island To Become a New Canadian Province Nanaimo, BC: Former MP, Dr. Robin Richardson, age 76, announced his candidacy today for The Vancouver Island Party (VIP) for MLA for Nanaimo in a provincial by-election expected in January, 2019. Dr. Richardson and his wife, Jacqui, of 52 years, lives in Nanaimo at Resort on the Lake on beautiful Westwood Lake. They also have a home in Victoria. The Vancouver Island Party has a two-fold mission: (1) To benefit more fully Vancouver Island as a region of British Columbia economically, socially, environmentally and [...]

A Guaranteed Annual Income (GAI) is the answer to Homelessness in BC

by Robin Richardson
A Guaranteed Annual Income (GAI) is the answer to Homelessness in B.C. and Vancouver Island, says Vancouver Island Party (VIP) MLA Candidate for Nanaimo, Dr. Robin Richardson “Vancouver Island has a disproportionate number of homeless in B.C. The VanIsle homeless (1,884) represents 24.6% of the B.C. homeless (7,655), whereas VanIsle’s population (about 800,000) is nearly 17% of the population of B.C. Child poverty in BC is also the highest in Canada (1 out of 5), while Greater Victoria is even higher (1 out of 4). Nanaimo may be even worse. I have studied the Guaranteed Annual Income (GAI) answer to [...]

VIP Membership Renewal 2019

by Robin Richardson
Dear VIP Supporter, Would you please go to the Membership Renewal page on our VIP website,, and renew your VIP Membership. It is only an annual $5.00 and is open to anyone from age 13 and older. If you are in a Special Situation, such as unemployed, on social assistance, disabled etc., the annual membership is only $1.00. Please confirm your contact and receipt information is correct and enter a custom donation amount (of which $1 or $5 of the amount will be put towards your annual membership). You may also want to make a donation before Dec. 31 [...]

VIP MLA Candidate Promises A Guaranteed Annual Income For Nanaimo

by Robin Richardson
A Poverty Reduction Strategy For Nanaimo and B.C. Dr. Robin M. Richardson, Ph.D. Leader, The Vancouver Island Party VIP MLA Candidate for Nanaimo FOR RELEASE: 7:05 am, Friday. December 7, 2018 Nanaimo, BC: Former MP, Dr. Robin Richardson, Vancouver Island Party (VIP) MLA Candidate for Nanaimo, announced his Party’s pledge to demand a guaranteed annual income (GAI) for Nanaimo in the next provincial budget. “BC does not need a patchwork of existing and new policies to fight poverty. A proven solution is a universal guaranteed annual income (GAI)” stated Dr. Richardson. “The solution to most poverty is to give the [...]

If elected, Nanaimo MLA hopeful wants Vancouver Island to split off BC

Source: News 1130 Author: LAUREN BOOTHBY NANAIMO (NEWS 1130) — A candidate for MLA in Nanaimo wants Vancouver Island to become Canada’s 11th province. Robin Richardson, economist and former Ontario MP, thinks the region would be better off as an independent province and if his vision comes true, he would call it the VanIsle Province. “No matter how you look at it, whether you know, fiscally we’d be better off, economically, socially, environmentally and culturally better off as our own independent province,” Richardson tells NEWS 1130. If elected, he says he will push for the government to hold referendum so [...]

Nanaimo Campaign Team Kick-Off Friday Night Meetings

by Robin Richardson
Please join our VIP Leader Robin Richardson and others for a Campaign Kick-Off Meeting tomorrow evening in Nanaimo. There will be Campaign Team Meetings at the ABC Country Restaurant on the following Friday evenings: 2018 Meetings November 30, 2018 December 7, 2018 December 14, 2018 December 28, 2018 - cancelled 2019 Tuesday Meetings Meetings in 2019 have been changed to Tuesdays! Tuesday January 4, 2019 - cancelled Tuesday January 8, 2019 Tuesday January 15, 2019 Tuesday January 22, 2019 Tuesday January 29, 2019 Robin is the VIP MLA Candidate for Nanaimo in a by-election expected in January, 2019. If he [...]

Nanaimo byelection candidate wants to see Vancouver Island separate from BC

Author: Nicolas Pescod A politician hoping to separate Vancouver Island from British Columbia wants to be Nanaimo’s MLA. Robin Richardson, the founder and leader of the Vancouver Island Party, announced that he will be a candidate in the upcoming byelection in Nanaimo. Nanaimo’s riding will be vacated by MLA Leonard Krog, who is now the mayor of Nanaimo. The B.C. Liberals have announced Tony Harris as their intended candidate in the byelection, while Sheila Malcolmson, Nanaimo-Ladysmith’s current MP, is seeking the NDP’s nomination. Speaking to the News Bulletin on Wednesday, Richardson said his party’s platform is to see Vancouver Island [...]

Nanaimo candidate wants Vancouver Island to separate from BC

Source: The Province Author: Susan Lazaruk A political party with a strong populist leader appealing to regional interests will likely not benefit from proportional representation as the leader of the Vancouver Island Party is hoping. The first thing the leader of the Vancouver Island Party promises to do if he wins the provincial byelection in Nanaimo in the new year is work toward making Vancouver Island its own province. Canada’s 11th province would be called VanIsle and as such would get its fair share of public money from Ottawa, said Robin Richardson, a Harvard-trained economist, minutes before officially launching his [...]