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VIP MLA Candidate Promises A Guaranteed Annual Income For Nanaimo

by Rob
A Poverty Reduction Strategy For Nanaimo and B.C. Dr. Robin M. Richardson, Ph.D. Leader, The Vancouver Island Party VIP MLA Candidate for Nanaimo FOR RELEASE: 7:05 am, Friday. December 7, 2018 Nanaimo, BC: Former MP, Dr. Robin Richardson, Vancouver Island Party (VIP) MLA Candidate for Nanaimo, announced his Party’s pledge to demand a guaranteed annual income (GAI) for Nanaimo in the next provincial budget. “BC does not need a patchwork of existing and new policies to fight poverty. A proven solution is a universal guaranteed annual income (GAI)” stated Dr. Richardson. “The solution to most poverty is to give the [...]

Vancouver Island Party hopeful sees ‘sweet spot’ in Nanaimo byelection

by Robin Richardson
Article From: Times Colonist Author: Carla Wilson The first step in Robin Richardson’s plan to separate from B.C. and turn Vancouver Island into a province is to get himself elected in the upcoming Nanaimo byelection. Should the Vancouver Island Party candidate win the provincial seat, he promises to demand the NDP government hold a referendum in October 2019 asking if voters favour creating VanIsle as a province. And if a majority say “yes,” Richardson then wants the NDP to boost the number of Island ridings to 28 from 14. From there, he’s optimistic that an expected provincewide election in 2021 [...]

The Vancouver Island Party (VIP) and other Small Political Parties Oppose The Proposed NDP Government Taxpayer Subsidy For Election Financing Reform

by Robin Richardson
The Vancouver Island Party endorses the initiative of other smaller provincial political parties in objecting to the proposed taxpayer subsidy which will only benefit the larger parties. It is discriminatory, anti-democratic and a complete waste of taxpayer money. This NDP subsidy should be dropped from the proposed electoral financing legislation. Print the whole letter, including endorsements and copies to party leaders. Word Document PDF Document Thank you Robin Dr. Robin M. Richardson, Ph.D. Leader The Vancouver Island Party Toll-free: 1-844-933-4VIP

VIP Advocates Free Tuition for College and University Students

by Robin Richardson
The Vancouver Island Party (VIP) commends the new NDP BC Government for waiving BC college and university fees for former foster children. This new program will waive tuition at all 25 post-secondary schools for any young person from BC who has spent at least two years in provincial foster care. The Vancouver Island Party wants this free tuition policy to be extended to all students with at least 4 year residency ( middle and high school), decent marks and from families with $90,000 or less annual family income. The policy would not apply for foreign students or students from out [...]

Dr Robin Richardson answers What improvements will you make to the current education system?

by Robin Richardson
Dr Robin Richardson answers “What improvements will you make to the current education system?” (Seaquam Secondary, Delta)

Dr Robin Richardson answers How will your party balance the ecological and economical needs of our province

by Robin Richardson
Dr Robin Richardson answers “How will your party strike balance between the crucial ecological and economical needs of our province?” (Westsyde Secondary School, Kamloops)

Dr Robin Richardson answers What will be your #1 priority if you are elected?

by Robin Richardson
Dr Robin Richardson answers “What will be your #1 priority if you are elected? What will be the first action you would take as premier?” (Hart Highlands Elementary, Prince George)

Leader & Candidate Meet & Greet March 25, 2017 in Victoria BC

by Rob
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Vancouver Island Party (VIP) Meet and Greet Come on out and meet and greet the Vancouver Island Party (VIP) Leader, Dr. Robin Richardson, Ph.D. and our VIP Candidates. Important new policies will be announced! Please RSVP using the form below to reserve seating. Event Details Date: Saturday March 25, 2017 Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm Location: Comfort Inn & Suites in The Douglas Room Address: 3020 Blanshard Street Victoria, BC V8T 5C7 (click here for directions) Light refreshments will be provided. (coffee, tea, water and cookies) Subscribe to our mailing list * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name Note: We [...]

A Message To All Voters On Vancouver Island

by Rob
You are invited to the first Saturday rally for The Vancouver island Party. These rallies will alternate between Duncan and Victoria in coming weeks. If you are interested in becoming an Official Candidate for The Vancouver island Party, please bring your resume and we will interview you on Saturday. Time is of the essence. All we want to do for this election is to have your name on the ballot in your riding. It requires only 25 signatures to be declared our VIP Official Candidate. After that, you need 75 more signatures to satisfy Elections BC. We will show you [...]
VIP’s Student Aid

The VIP’s Student Aid Policy Reform

Today, Dr. Robin Richardson, Leader of The Vancouver Island Party (VIP), announced his Party’s progressive policy for free tuition and reduced student debt for students in Vancouver Island colleges and universities, once Vancouver Island becomes the eleventh province of Canada. “We are promising this student aid policy reform so that university and college tuition will be free for many VanIsle families. Also we want to reduce onerous student debt burdens”, said Dr. Richardson, a former college professor. “As VanIslers, this is what we do; we help those who most need it.” A Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce poll shows Canadian [...]